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You got me rocking

October 26, 2006

My panel with Jory Des Jardins, Andru Edwards and Stan Mackey on small business blogging really got the juices rolling. We may have been the last of today at the Blog Business Summit but it was great to share stories with other small business bloggers and let folks know anything is possible with a little faith, perseverance, and focus. The audience seemed pretty jazzed based on the questions being asked.

And who could have imagined me being on a panel upfront with Scoble in the audience exchanging views on the power of blogs with a snot nosed kid from Wisconsin like me. I’ll concede Scoble may not have been there to see me. Stan was the realtor who sold Scoble’s home and will forever live in fame with this ‘buy our house‘ post. Instead of 100 views on the virtual tour online, Stan says Scoble’s drew 7,000 within a day.

Tris Hussey provides details on the session. Check it out.

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