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8 tips to get blog recognized by search engines

Allison Shields shares 8 tips to get your blog recognized by search engines. Basic info for many folks, but for Allison’s legal audience who are often new to blog marketing, the tips provide some sound advice.

  • Use keywords your target audience would be searching for.
  • Regular content, not only to increase the number of different keywords people may be searching for, but also to help establish your online reputation and credibility.
  • Monitor web stats to see what words people are searching for, and write on those topics so long as it is relevant to your niche.
  • Know your service and your clients so you know what they’re looking for.
  • Update frequently so your blog is source of ongoing information for your visitors.
  • Use your blogging software to its full advantage by allowing comments and using trackbacks.
  • Linking to other blogs may cause other blogs to link to you and leave comments on their blogs with your url.
  • Use keywords and relevant search terms in your title tags.

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