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Get me your small business blog success stories

October 24, 2006

<a href=”” title=”Blog Business

Summit”><img src=”” alt=”BBS

06 Skyscraper” width=”130″ hspace=”5″ vspace=”5″ height=”130″ align=”right”/>In addition to addressing the legal issues of blogging, the guys at <a href=”” title=”Blog Business

Summit”>Blog Business Summit have asked me to participate on a panel the second day on ‘Small Business Blogging.’

One thing I want to get the audience to do is to dream big – to understand that through the power of a blog, they can market their product/service so as to drive revenues in ways they could have never dreamed imaginable. I’m going to do this by sharing the blog success stories of others. Here are some examples, but get me yours.

I have my own situation where I was working in my garage (cement floor, door as desk, heaters on each side). I knew I had as much, if not more, passion and knowledge on online marketing and networking for lawyers than anyone. But who the heck was going to find me in my garage on an Island outside Seattle

Started a blog to share helpful information and law firms came. Because of their needs I started a company to do blogs for lawyers. I marketed the company solely via my blog. Now have 7 people on our team, real office, and serving 100’s of lawyers and now, non-law firm clients. Expect 100% growth next year.

Take a guy like Grant Griffiths in a tiny Kansas town. I’ll bet he gets more new divorce clients in a week than any other sole practitioner in the state. And all he uses to market is his blog.

How about Phil Mann? IP litigation lawyer of 20 plus years leaves large patent law firm in Seattle. Wants to represent inventors whose IP rights are being violated but who can not find law firms to represent them as the firms are looking to be paid large fees up front. Phil will do the work on a contingency fee basis. But how to get the word out? His blog is bringing in a steady stream of good work from around the country.

Get me cases you know of. Perhaps your own. I’ll share them with the 100’s of bloggers descending on Seattle this Wednesday through Friday.

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