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ScobleShow will be one to watch

Robert Scoble’s ScobleShow will be one to watch.

I’ve learned a ton from Robert over the last couple years, not the least of which is the best way to market my blog is to write about others. Turns out the more the give, the more you receive.

If you’re a blogger, even a lawyer or other professional, when this show starts up, start watching it. It may be dominated by white guy tech geeks, but those tech geeks are pretty innovative. A lot can be learned from non legal and professional services marketing folks.

As way of background, Robert left Microsoft a few months ago to join PodTech, a self described media platform of ‘Fresh Voices’ that ignite the power of conversation among companies, their customers, and partners. In addition to his show, I expect Robert to an evangelist for the company.

And who knows, maybe you’ll see me on the ScobleShow. Robert’s asking for guests doing good stuff.

If you’re smart and building something interesting I want you on my show. Especially if you’re not a fat white boy like me. I’m going to work on a segment where anyone who can get to San Francisco can get on my show. As long as they have a new/cool technology to show off.

Robert, I’m working my ass off not to be a fat white boy anymore. After I saw my picture accompanying a Seattle Times story on LexBlog a few weeks ago, I went out and bought a road bike. When I lose another 10 pounds I want on. Man, now I have motivation.

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