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Real estate blogs must be agent centric

September 14, 2006

Richard Nacht makes the point that real estate blogs must be agent centric focused on a target market, as opposed to agency or shotgun focused.

Couldn’t agree more. Smart consumers hire realtors based on their knowledge of a unique market. Anyone can hire a real estate agent by looking at for the listing agent or Googling for a local realtor company. But I want someone who knows the market for the type of home I am looking for, in the neighborhood I’m looking in, in the price range I am looking in, and for a family like mine. That’s knowledge accumulated by an agent who is focused on a market segment.

An agent sharing that knowledge via a blog is going to draw regular readers and become known as the leader in the market segment the realtor is looking to grow. If that’s homes over $1 million with a water view on Bainbridge Island, then blog about those listings. You’ve got access to all MLS info. With each post tell readers why the home is best for families with younger or older kids, if it’s got beach access, how far it’s away from the favorite restaurants or health club. If I’m relocating to the Island from the Bay area, that’s what I want to know. And I sure as heck can’t get it from or a local realtor company’s web site.

It’s the agent who’s motivated to get this information on a blog. They get a cut of each 4 to 6% commission. A realtor company is not going to get staff people blog to publish a valuable blog – they’re not motivated the same as agents to share the most valuable content.

Professional services blogs must be published by the person who has the most to gain – the professional. In this case, that’s the realtor.

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