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Awareness gap

September 14, 2006

From Poynter Online’s Rich Gordon, the ability to publish information is ahead of the ability to consume content.

… maybe the revenue gap isn’t really the core challenge for media in the digital age. Maybe the real problem is this: The tools to create and publish content have matured faster than the tools to manage and discover content.

What we have is an awareness gap. Every piece of content has a potential audience many times larger than the number of people who currently come across it.

Content created by the blogs and the alike has outstripped our ability to consume the content in a meaningful way. But that’s only natural, we need huge amounts of content before we’re driven to develop the mediums to digest the content. But these tools are coming. More effective aggregators are coming. Tagging systems are improving. And sites such as Digg helping us find the content we’re looking for are just beginning.

Source of post: Brian Chin of our Seattle Post Intelligencer

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