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Justia launches beginnings of law portal

Noticed the change today at Justia’s site going from solely a law firm web development site to what has the looks of a law portal.

They’re still doing law firm websites, and even blogs, but there’s lot more offered – US Supreme Court Center, Legal Practice Areas, and Legal Research & Law Practice. The content & resources are not too deep yet, other than the Supreme Court Center, but the framework is there for a nice legal resource to develop over time. It’s a nice clean user interface that will be easy to navigate for lawyers and lay people looking for free legal information.

Justia was founded by Tim Stanley, who along with Stacey Stern co-founded FindLaw. With a driven team and strong financial base via the sale of search engine optimized law firm web sites perhaps Justia is posed to give FindLaw a run for their money over the next few years.

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