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Missed that one – Howell hosting ‘This Week in the Law’

Denise Howell commented on my earlier post that her new mixer was more than a hint of future work. Wasn’t the first, nor it will it be the last time I make a fool of myself.

She’s going to be hosting this WEEK in LAW (TWiL) as part of’s podcast series. is a reincarnation of some of things done on Tech TV, a small cable TV network called ZDTV covering computers, the Internet, and personal technology that ran from 1998 to 2004. It’s most famous alumnus may be Kevin Rose, now of Digg.

Per Leo Laporte, a journalist specializing in helping people understand and use digital technology and a host of various talk radio shows around the world and a prime mover in

And my off hand comment on TWiT a few weeks back about how we need a podcast covering the myriad legal issues surrounding copyright, net neutrality, privacy, and security, stimulated an avalanche of mail from interested lawyers. Denise Howell says she’s willing to host – she’s perfect for the job – and I think we’ll be launching this roundtable in the next few weeks.

Well done Denise. This is great gig and far beyond the reach of most other lawyers as far as covering tech and new media issues. And she’s looking for story ideas. We just need to tag’em to delicious.

Follow Kevin Rose’s path and in a few years you’ll be on the cover of BusinessWeek as the $60 million woman.