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Blog editor for Microsoft Windows

Alex Barnett shares that Windows Live Writer, a blog editor for Windows is out.

A blog editor allows a blog publisher to post and edit their blog directly via the blog editor, as opposed to opening the back-end of their blog. Blog editors, such as Marsedit, which I use on my Mac, offer some features not available on built in blog editing tool.

I have not tested Live Writer but Alex, who’s a straight shooter employed by Microsoft, is using it and provides positive commentary.

If you’re inclined to use Live Writer, check out the below:

Of course it goes without question when stuff is written by Midwesterners it’s got to be good. J.J.’s from Winona Minn., just up the Mississippi, from my hometown of La Crosse. Note that J.J. is renowned as a hands-on software developer, having started Onfolio, later sold to Microsoft, after he and his brother Jeremy sold their previous company, Allaire Corp., which made website development tools, to Macromedia Inc. for $360 million.

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