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Published by Kevin O'Keefe, CEO & Founder of LexBlog

Law community coming soon

Something called Blawgr is coming soon.

Blawgr is a website where everyone interested in law can freely and easily publish a law blog of their own, and engage in conversations, discussions, and debate with members of the legal community.

Some good folks (Kevin Heller, Steve Nipper, Matt Buchanan and Doug Sorocco) are behind it. It will be interesting to see what comes of it.

Couple questions I have. One, why the need for communities? The Internet is a community. Put up a blog, monitor feeds and enter into a discussion with the target audience you are looking to engage in conversations with. People with blogs do not join communities to converse with the likes of Steve Rubel, Darren Rowse, Doc Searles, Robert Scoble, or Dave Winer. They comment on what they publish whether a post on their own blog or via a comment on the other’s blog.

I’m having actively having discussions with people within the legal industry via my blog and we’re not a member of a designated community. Maybe I just don’t get it. But I never joined Rotary or Kiwanis.

I also question how much lawyers want to talk with other lawyers via blogs. Blogs can take time to publish. Networking outside the legal professional generates more business. Again maybe I just don’t get it. But I didn’t join many bar associations or attend their functions during my 17 years of lawyering.

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