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What’s with Blawg Review editor?

August 3, 2006

In response to my recent post questioning American Lawyer Media’s (ALM) appreciation for Bob Ambrogi and Carolyn Elefant, I get this unsigned email from ‘Editor of Blawg Review’ (

What’s with Kevin O’Keefe?
It looks like Kevin O’Keefe wants to stir up shit on his blog.

What he likes to do is raise questions about other people’s business, of which he knows nothing, leaving a searchable record of innuendo to tarnish reputations or cause embarrassment to others. Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

If others have opinions on ALM’s appreciation of the publishing company’s need to offset what must be declining hardcopy readership by increasing online readership through a well reasoned integration of blogs, let’s have a discussion. An email from someone who doesn’t have the courage to sign their name is BS. Why not a post on their Blawg Review on ALM’s position?

And as to the folks mentioned, I have heard only positive feedback.

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