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Video on SEO from Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts of Google provides SEO information and insight on a new video.

Coverage includes:

  • Static vs. Dynamic urls
  • Geotargetting
  • Merging acquired domains with 301 redirects
  • Site architecture

Much of the information can be beyond those learning search engine optimization for the first time. In addition, as you know I’m not a believer in do it your self SEO. Sure, learn about SEO, in general, so you can be an informed buyer and hold vendors accountable, but there’s an art to SEO, just like there is an art to other professions.

If you’re new to SEO, pick up Peter Kent’s book, Search Engine Optimization for Dummies. Peter’s a good guy who knows his stuff. Most of you can skip the chapters on the use of Wordtracker software, but learn about indexing, the use of title tags and how Google and other search engines read web pages. That way you can ask knowledgeable questions of vendors and check to see if they did as promised.

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