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I thought Barbie was blonde…

I was wondering how Microsoft Windows Live Spaces’ sponsorship of Blogher ’06 would play out.

From Amy Gahran:

…I had to cringe at the campy, off-target Microsoft presentation during the welcome session just a few minutes ago.

To promote its new Windows Live Spaces service, someone at Microsoft thought it would be appropriate and fun to send a couple of bouncy, bubbly, sexy, carefully scripted 20-somethings uniformed in tight t-shirts and jeans to banter giddily for about 10 minutes on home improvement. It sounded like Barbie doing ‘Tool Time’ in stereo. Excruciating.

Should have gone the low key approach as at Gnomedex. Write a check to a worthwhile program, get thanked on various occasions, and get out of the way.

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