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Blogher underway in San Jose : Any live updates or audio?

Blogher ’06 is underway this am in San Jose. Wish I was there, but originally planned to be in Wisconsin.

Unlike Gnomedex, BloggerCon, and other new media conferences, there does not appear to be any live blog feeds or audio for the benefit of non-attendees. If you know of any, please blog it and/or drop me an email.

Hope those blogging from and about Blogher are tagging their posts as Blogher so we can pick up tag feeds from Technorati.

For those unfamiliar with Blogher, it’s one hell of a blog community. In 20+ popular topics, you’ll find lists of blogs by women and constantly updating guides to what’s hot, written by our contributing editors.

BlogHer Conference ’06 is their 2nd annual conference. It’s sold out with an expected 500 or 600 attendes. It’s not only attracting hundreds of female bloggers, but also men and women leading new media, public relations, and marketing efforts born from blogs, podcasts and the like.

Day One is a day of hands-on instruction on a variety of topics, most technically-focused. Tomorrow will focus on community, conversation and the culture of blogging. They have some great speakers who will generate some interesting discussion. Let’s hope those of us on the outside can pick up a slice of what’s going on.

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