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Remembering the post-bubble pain

Scoble posts about post-bubble pain, reminding us to be realistic but still be young at heart so as to take risks to achieve great things.

…It might seem from reading my blog that I have non-ending confidence that the advertising market (and the pressure on VCs to keep pouring on the gas) will continue to grow robustly.

The truth, however, is quite different. I’m very scared of the future. I remember the day in February 2003 where I laid myself off. I remember how hard it was for Maryam to find a new job (she went unemployed for more than a year).

I remember when most of my friends were either totally unemployed, or working for no cash. Remember the guy who started Blogger at Google? He wasn’t getting paid. How about the couple who started Six Apart? Unemployed.

I remember the day I called my wife and told her to move my car done to the ferry parking lot so GMAC wouldn’t be able to find it. And every other phone call being from a credit card company expecting to get blood from a turnip. Creditors wouldn’t accept that they would be paid in full upon the upcoming closing on the sale of my company.

I’ll never forget locking the office door to our Pioneer Square office for the last time nor closing the tailgate door on the GMC Jimmy after throwing in the last files from Prairielaw. Nor the few quite moments in the front seat trying not to cry before heading over for a martini with friends.

Like the death of Scoble’s mom and her words of encouragement gave him strength, it’s the positive attitude my parents instilled in me that I had the God given talents to do anything I put my mind to.

Took me a couple years to stumble into the concept of providing a turnkey blog solution to professionals, but like Scoble at PodTech I am ready to ride the wave again. Yes, a wave feeling a little like the 90’s is upon us. Having some experience this time I don’t believe I am going to surf for the world championship. But I do believe LexBlog offers value to professionals and by our building better bloggers in the legal and other professions, we can make the world a better place.

So tomorrow I’m off to the bank for the line of credit (no VC’s yet). LexBlog can maintain the status quo with its profits, but it’s time to hire more great people and build a great tech infrastructure. Time to surf.

Just won’t call it surfing to my banker. ;)

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