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Reed Smith Internet discussion up 50% upon firing of lead blogger

Internet discussion about the law firm of Reed Smith, a major international law firm, is up over 50% since last week. Why? Because they fired one of America’s leading blogger’s, Attorney Denise Howell.

Denise Howell, in a nice post about the firing, labeled Greg Jordan, the firm’s managing partner as a visionary. I’d be scared as hell if I was working at Reed Smith and this guy was the visionary.

Microsoft is hard at work making blogs and RSS as easy to use as possible for the public. They’re the same folks who put a computer on each desk at Jordan’s firm and on the desk of all of his clients. Last week Jordan had one of the more valuable people in the country for his firm’s making the transition into blogs and RSS. As a visionary, he must know the firm is going to make this transition. What did he do? He kicked her out the door.

If you are looking for ‘bozocity,’ look no further than some ‘leading’ law firms.

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