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Introduction to Business Competency for Lawyers : Webinar by Ed Poll

From Carolyn Elefant at My Shingle, Legal Research & Writing Pro is sponsoring a free Webinar conducted by Ed Poll. Ed’s a nationally recognized law practice management expert and coach. And for purposes of full disclosure, a LexBlog client via the LawBiz Blog.

The seminar entitled ‘Business Competency for Lawyers’ is Tuesday, July 18 at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m. Pacific). Per Carolyn:

…Ed will cover the importance of business planning and the components of a business plan, including a marketing plan and a financial plan. He’ll talk about how to evaluate your firm’s business performance and the crucial element of cash flow management. He’ll discuss billing rates and cycles, and will explain some of the pricing options available to lawyers (including hourly, fixed fee and value billing). Since billing is only part of the equation, he’ll also address collections. Finally, he’ll take attendees through some case studies in understanding business competency, analyzing the real costs of e-mail and capital investment.

A comment at Carolyn’s blog said they’ve read all of Ed’s stuff and that he’s great. I can vouch for the same from my law practice days when I listened to Ed’s tapes each month.

Apparently the webinar interface is not Mac compatible. So us open minded folks are not allowed to attend. ;)

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