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Gnomedex goes Hollywood : Say it ain’t so

Bad enough kids were belittling Dave Winer, Marc Canter and Still Gilmor for Dave’s asking Blake Ross a few questions about Firefox development. Thought I was back in the days of legal conferences when the audience called for no critique of Blake’s product, lest we have some good open debate to bring about innovation.

Now Chris Pirillo says Gnomedex is going Hollywood next year. As in moving the conference from Seattle to Hollywood.

Perhaps Seattle having a bad weather week next year or running out of cool places for networking parties are good enough reasons to move. But doing so, for what appears to be 20 something’s, who believe it’s the dotcom days all over again, except this time with streaming media and social communities is a bad idea.

If we’re headed to Hollywood, and for what it’s worth I vote with no sponsor dollars ‘no,’ let’s preserve the good open debate that makes Gnomedex what it is. I come for Gilmor or Winer calling BS on someone, not for the glitz and glamor.

Now if we can get Mark Cuban to keynote because of his work with HDNet Films, I’ll reconsider. Unless the kids will subdue Mark for taking on Hollywood.

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