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Gnomedex MindMaps – speaker outlines posted

Chris Pirillo has posted Gnomedex MindMaps for each of the presenters from last week’s Gnomedex conference.

If you’re unfamiliar with MindMaps it’s a wonderful software application that allows one to do outlining and share the outlines with others. Chris provides a link for free downloads of the MindMap reader for PC’s or Mac’s at his post listing the Gnomedex MindMaps.

For those unable to attend and for lawyers and professional service firms who are foolishly not following the marketing and innovation discussion outside their vertical, here’s a good place to start. Here’s the list of speakers, all of which have MindMaps.

  • Chris Pirillo’s Opening Remarks (Day 1)
  • Michael Arrington
  • Dave Dederer
  • John Edwards
  • Werner Vogels
  • Steve Rubel
  • Marc Canter
  • Susan Mernit
  • The Perfect News Aggregator Contest
  • Steve Gillmor
  • Chris Pirillo Opening Remarks (Day 2)
  • Dave Winer
  • Philip ‘Pud’ Kaplan
  • Chris Messina & Tara Hunt
  • Ethan Kaplan
  • Halley Suitt
  • Blake Ross
  • Jeremy Zawodny
  • Phil Torrone
  • Chris and TagJag

I understand that video’s and audio’s are on the way.

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