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Net Neutrality : Lawyers silence is deafening

Looks like the majority of lawyers publishing blogs are taking the easy way out and taking no stand on net neutrality.

It’s an embarrassment to the legal profession which should act as champions of a citizen’s rights. Heck, even if you against net neutrality so that telecoms can create a tier two Internet system, at least come out and say so.

Last week legislation passed the Congress failing to protect net neutrality. The bill is now in the Senate, a body heavily lobbied by the telecoms for the last year. During this time, there’s tons of posts on lawyer blogs about everything, from the relevant to the absurd, except for net neutrality.

Why? Because lawyers have been trained to be practical. Don’t do or say anything that could be considered controversial. Don’t be known for taking stands. God help a lawyer kissing tail in a large firm who takes a stand so as to put at risk their partnership track.

Would it be that hard for lawyers to have icons/tags on their blogs symbolizing they are for net neutrality. Could link to a blog explaining what net neutrality is and what can be done to defend net neutrality. What do you guys think?

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