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Google to fight on net neutrality

If lawyers will not take a stand on net neutrality, Om Malik reports Google will fight on net neutrality.

Vint Cerf, one of the key voices in the overall development of the Internet, and a Google VP (and Chief Internet Evangelist) is saying that if things do come to a pass, the company might have to resort to legal means. ‘If we are not successful in our arguments … then we will simply have to wait until something bad happens and then we will make known our case to the Department of Justice’s anti-trust division,’ he said at a news conference in Bulgaria.

What it really means is that Google can drag this thing for a long time, but they also have to remember that the phone companies are masters of legal posturing and regulation. The best way to fight them is to outspend them in terms of lobbying dollars. Yup, a big fund – say $500 million – put together by Google, eBay and others could be enough to swing even the staunchest supporters of phone companies to the other side. Sounds crude, but as they say Money Talks!

Yep, it’s sad but true. No matter what you say money is what talks in D.C.

Go Google!

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