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TagJag : Gnomedex wrapping up with Pirillo pitching tag search engine

Gnomedex is wrapping up with Chris Pirillo doing a live pitch of his tag search engine, TagJag f/k/a gada.beto three VCs (Brad Feld, Jeff Clavier and Rick Segal) and members of the audience at large.

For anyone thinking they need to raise money on a new business idea, watch the video or listen to the audio. Far and away best answer given is that it’s to early to go raising money from VC’s. It’s not needed yet and he may find he never needs capital. Find people to help work on TagJag. And if absolutely needed, find a close friend, and Chris has many, to fund a small loan. Sure it’s high risk for the lender, but there’s folks who will do it.

For those, me included, who do not fully understand the idea, this from Michael Arrington at TechCrunch.

Gada [now TagJag] takes a query and runs it against sites like Google News, Technorati, Flickr, IceRocket, Amazon, Wikipedia, 43Things, etc. Searches can be narrowed via a drop down box to “photos”, “social” etc. for more specific results. The search itself, and any narrowing, are also accompished via the domain name. For instance, a photo search for “web2con”, the tag people are using for last week’s web2.0 conference, is also accomplished by the URL

Chris should not get down after being critiqued by the audience. His idea is likely further ahead and more worthwhile than some of the wild ‘Web 2.0’ ideas that have been presented. Lot of passion, spirit and creativity from the folks serving up these ideas but I’d be surprised if they fly.

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