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Thanks Austin legal marketers

Traveling East allows enjoyment of nightlife as flying into Austin Monday night at 11:30 was only 9:30 my time.

My hotel only a block from 6th street was too tempting for someone who has never been to Austin. Turned the corner and found a Disneyland of bars. 3 buds later and 2:30 am found me back at the hotel after an evening of listening to some great music at Kenny Luna’s Ivory Kats Tavern.

Followed it up with with a morning run around the capital and through the University of Texas campus. Beautiful. Lest it get to your head Longhorns, a run through the University of Wisconsin campus, past the capital and along the lake in Madison is a might prettier. I may be biased being raised and having practiced law in Wisconsin.

Topped it off with my reason for going to Austin. A luncheon program at Baker Botts with the Legal Marketing Association, Austin Chapter. Great group of people who got the blog and RSS stuff in a big way. Lot more hands go up these days when you ask how many people publish blogs and use RSS, even if not in the law firm work environment.

Here’s the Marketing with blogs & RSS PowerPoint download requested by a number of you. May be a few bugs in the presentation having been converted from Apple Keynote to PowerPoint but it should all be there.

Thanks again to Pat Niekamp, Advertising Manager of the Texas Bar Journal, and the other members of the local LMA chapter.

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