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TrueHoop NBA live draft coverage blog blowing ’em away

truehoop nba.jpegHenry Abbot’s live coverage of the NBA draft on his TrueHoop blog is blowing away some major sports websites like Yahoo sports and Espn (charging for access).

Why basketball on my blog? I’m an avid fan, I admit it. And TrueHoop is a LexBlog client and we’re monitoring server traffic which takes huge jumps on big NBA nights. Jesse, LexBlog’s head of IT and a World Cup fan, wondered why the big traffic spike on last night of the NBA final. Explained that the NBA is also broadcast in a hundred plus countries. ;)

As way of background Henry is a sportswriter, having interviewed the majority of the NBA players and coaches. Henry has now gone on to co-found Gekko Blogs.

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