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BloggerCon is fascinating discussion : Where are blogging lawyers?

For those not attending nor listening into BloggerCon, going on today and yesterday in San Francisco, the discussion among topics ranging from citizen journalism, vlogging, to ethics in blogging and much more is eye opening as all get out. As bloggers, we have an obligation to improve our skills – people are listening to what we are writing and broadcasting.

Conferences like BloggerCon and Gnomedex, next week in Seattle, provide a wonderful opportunity to hear from blog leaders as well as bloggers playing a smaller role in the Internet discussion. And best of all, you can learn from everyone when we’re sharing blog experiences and insight.

And for lawyers publishing legal blogs or blawgs, as some call them, get out of just the legal conferences and law blog conferences. Limiting conversation and the exchange of ideas to a lawyers only crowd on a subject as important as blogging is nuts. How the heck do you think lawyers got such and awful reputation? We talk and listen to ourselves to awful much. We don’t know everything, and on blogs that’s especially true.

Catch up on the conference via Doc Searles live notes of BloggerCon, mp3 recordings of the sessions, and the many more sources from those recording or taking notes whether in attendance or listening in.

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