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Legal Blog Watch worth eyeing

Don’t look now but Bob Ambrogi and Carolyn Elefant may be on to something at American Lawyer Media’s Legal Blog Watch.

I’ve always been stricken by ALM’s, West/Thomson’s and LexisNexis’ never being able to get things right. They just don’t get it. The reason being is that they are large corporate businesses run by and staffed by mostly non practicing lawyers who have never been in the trenches of Internet marketing nor legal publishing as if their livelihood depended on it. In addition, corporations like that can’t recruit nor keep entrepreneurs, something any innovative company has got to have.

But with Ambrogi and Elefant ALM has gone anti-corporate, they’ve tapped the grassroots of citizen journalism and entrepreneurism. Bill Pollack, ALM’s CEO, may not realize it but if he turns these guys loose letting them write about what they want, even criticizing those companies that advertise heavily with ALM, he may have stumbled into a couple Robert Scobles.

Ambrogi and Elefant are ‘one of us,’ not one of them. They could put a face on the American lawyer (not the company), something needed by both the legal profession and the public at large.

Add Legal Blog Watch to your feeds.

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