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WSJ law blog sucked into laptops in the classroom debate

Peter Lattman at the WSJ Law Blog got sucked into the debate on prohibiting laptops in law school classrooms. Scary thing is that Lattman, riding the wave of Internet journalism himself, doesn’t side against the prohibition of wifi and laptops.

Issue arises out of same lame professors who are boring students so much the students have chosen to IM, watch sporing events and update blogs during class.

Some of the better comments to Lattman’s post:

  • My daughter attends a high school with a laptop program. All students have laptops, and are required to bring them to class for note taking and project work. She is looking at colleges, and won’t consider a college (or evenutally a law school) that wouldn’t let her use it in class. It would be like taking away her pencil for our generation!
  • You can’t legislate attention. It’s up to the professors to hold the students’ attention!
  • Who cares if they check email or web surf during class? Nanny professors? These are adults we’re talking about.
  • …I can only conclude that professors that create interest don’t have to limit laptop use…only the boring ones who claim that’s the reason students don’t pay them attention. Professors wake up and teach or get the hell out of the classroom and don’t forget to interest your audiance regardless of their motives for being there.
  • Not sure how anyone can read this story and think that law students should not have internet access in classrooms… you, presumably at work, are connected to the internet and surfing the web.

Peter, the WSJ Law Blog is picking up a significant audience. With the audience, comes the responsibility of being a leader. Take a stance on an issue like this. At worst, you’ll offend a few boring law professors. You must have had few.

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