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Phoenix : Coming your way next Tuesday

The Southwest Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association has been nice enough to invite me to speak about blogs & RSS next Tuesday, June 20, at their monthly luncheon program. It’ll be at Gallagher & Kennedy, 2575 East Camelback Road and run from 11:30 to 1:00.

I’m not catching a flight back until after 6 so if anyone wants to get together, it would be a pleasure to do so. Call, 206 855 7935, or email before Tuesday and you can reach me on my cell, 406 599 1196, when I’m down there.

The topic: Why legal marketing professionals need to learn how to use these tools today for effective marketing and competitive intelligence.

3 weeks ago, one of Microsoft’s lead programmers told a conference of Seattle legal marketing professionals that the charge of each Microsoft team was to make blogs and RSS easy to use for the public. He also warned that legal marketing professionals need to understand blogs and RSS today, not tomorrow. Learn why.


  • What a professional marketing blog is, as opposed to a blog in general?
  • How blogs are used as a business development tool in addition to be effective for search engine presence.

  • What is RSS and how RSS is used for marketing?
  • How blogs and RSS are used as a networking tool akin to networking before the Internet.
  • Implementation of law firm blog marketing strategy.

My guess it ain’t going to be 65 degrees like in Seattle when I step off that plane in Phoenix.

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