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Did Scoble have a bad exit interview with Ballmer?

Scoble leaves Microsoft on Monday and today chides Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer for not understanding how grass roots influence effects the company’s stock price and that not even Ballmer can get into a sold out Gnomedex.

I could be wrong but it seems that Scoble has discussed more issues regarding Bill Gates on his blog than those involving Ballmer. Maybe Ballmer’s not as big a fan of corporate blogging, at least as to those blogs published by corporate heads. It was Gates at his 2004 CEO summit that said websites and email were outmoded means of business communication with blogs and RSS being the answer. Gates doesn’t have a blog but he’s always seemed much more of an innovation evangelist than Ballmer.

With Microsoft’s stock in steady decline, maybe Gates ought to get blogging. Scoble and the network of Channel 9 blogs did more for Micrsoft’s image than tens of millions of dollars spent on PR. Take a lesson from Robert, Bill. Start blogging to create some good will in the financial community. Sending Steve to New York didn’t do it.

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