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Law professors banning laptops in classrooms? We’ll stop innovation yet

Wonder why the legal profession is so far behind other industries on the technology and innovation front? Maybe it starts with law professors banning laptops in the classroom.

Professors Christine Hurt and Paul Canon comment on the subject. However neither calls such a ban a step back to the stone age. I’m no professor and Canon is well respected on the tech front, but I’d think we would want to empower law students with the all the technology disposable. I’d think laptops and wifi access would be at the forefront and that professors would rally to the hilt to their defense.

The respective professors fear that students are playing video games is misguided. Heck, students could be doing crossword puzzles. Would we ban pens and pencils? The legal profession is lagging far enough behind in innovation to ban laptops because of some students being bored in class.

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