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TechCrunch tells us to dream big

Been seeing all over the blogosphere that the TechCrunch blog is a year old.

Took me by surprise its only year old in that Michael Arrington, its publisher, and TechCrunch are cited all over the net as a leading source of technology news. Heck, Scoble dam near apologized that he did not return Arrington’s call on Saturday night when the news of Scoble’s move broke.

And for those of you have who haven’t start blogging, Steve Rubel says duplicating Arrington’s success is very possible.

The path Michael Arrington followed can be replicated by anyone else and it proves that blogs can eat into the mainstream media ad dollars and eyeballs. All you need to do is: a) identify a high interest topic online that currently does not have a blog tracking it, b) write about it very actively and do it well and c) don’t be afraid to promote it.

From Steve, here’s TechCrunch by the numbers.

  • TechCrunch went from zero RSS readers to more than 59,000 today.
  • According to Alexa, he site is neck and neck in reach with and – three 10 year-old sites owned by big media companies. It’s also giving ZDNet a run for its money as well.
  • TechCrunch went from zero references per day on Technorati to more than 100.
  • Federated Media is selling the site at a $20 CPM, in part because it attracts 300,000 uniques from highly valuable eyeballs. Some 81% of its readers are 18-39 and 60% publish their own blog.

Not saying it’s time for lawyers and folks in professional service firms to quit their day jobs. But why not enhance your reputation and grow your business in ways never before possible.

With blogs and citizen journalism, it’s time to dream big. Why not pour your heart into something you have a passion for via the Internet. It can result in a life changing event. Worked for Michael. It’s working for me and many of our clients as well.

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