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eBay to launch blogs

The marketing value of blogs for online storeowners hasn’t been lost on eBay.

Per Ina Steiner of Auctionbytes:

eBay will be introducing eBay Blogs, another way to give sellers an opportunity to market themselves, as well as an eBay Community Wiki. eBay is holding sessions on the new tools at the upcoming eBay Live conference in Las Vegas June 13 – 15.

The session called “It’s not About Me, it’s eBay Blogs!” shows conference attendees how they can use eBay Blogs to write about the things they sell and build their networks. Another session, called “Wiki 101 – An Overview of the eBay Community Wiki,” defines Wikis in general, looks at Wiki implementation on other sites, and discusses Wiki features eBay provides to the Community. eBay has already created a discussion board devoted to eBay Blogs, though it’s not yet available on its main list of discussion boards.

eBay is also using blogs and wikis internally. eBay just changed its newsletter “The Chatter” to a blog format available at, and the eBay Developers Program has had a blog for some time ( Both blogs use SixApart’s Typepad blogging platform.

If mom and pop storeowners and online auctioneers can get this blog and RSS thing, you’d think lawyers and professional service firms could grasp what it’s all about. You’d think…

Source of post: Alicia Dorset at Blog Works

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