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Blogs and freedom of speech around the world

Blogs are not a uniquely American phenomenon as covered in ‘Blogs and Freedom of Speech Around the World‘ in WorldPress. Highlights the positive influence of blogs but makes clear many governments are finding this all a little scary.

Traditional ‘predators of press freedom’ — Belarus, Burma, Cuba, Iran, Libya, the Maldives, Nepal, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam — all censor the Internet now. In 2003, only China, Vietnam and the Maldives had imprisoned cyber-dissidents. Now more countries do.

This is a fascinating read covering stories of bloggers finding themselves in jails around the world. Blogging is just more proof that we can never take freedom of speech in this country for granted.

To see how big blogs are around the world check out’s World Blog section. It has blogs from what must be 100 countries.

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