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Baker & McKenzie threats to blogger make The Times

Posted yesterday that I wouldn’t be surprised if Baker & McKenzie’s ‘bull in blogosphere’ approach to PR didn’t make the The Times, the UK’s daily national newspaper.

Well, it did. There’s a link from The Times Law Section front page to a story/post entitled ‘World Cup pre-emptive strike.’ Even quoted me for making the prediction that asinine threats to bloggers like those of Baker McKenzie not only go around the net like wild fire but could end up in The Times.

But who knows, this tactic may be exactly what Baker & McKenzie wanted. As others commented, what better way to spread the word you’re going to come down on folks like a ton of bricks if they steal your client’s content than to fire off goofy missives to bloggers.

Still think it makes Baker & McKenzie and their client look stupid. But I met a lot of lawyers while practicing as a trial lawyer for 17 years that didn’t appear concerned how stupid they looked.

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