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Power of blogs on rise in politics

May go without saying but the power of blogs is on the rise in politics.

Ran across this by Jennifer Brooks in the Detroit Free Press.

Running for office in 2006 or 2008 means running into the blogs. Candidates write blogs, respond to blogs, buy ad space on popular blog sites, and even hire bloggers to work on their campaign.

Candidates like Mark Warner, former governor of Virginia and 2008 Democratic presidential hopeful, do all that and more. Warner hired Jerome Armstrong, founder of the popular MyDD blog as a consultant, and then went a step beyond — signing on as a keynote speaker at the first-ever bloggers convention, Yearly Kos, scheduled in Las Vegas this month.

‘We’ve moved the playing field,’ said Armstrong, who gets several hundred thousand visitors to his site on an average day. ‘Writing a blog, reading the blogs, it’s become almost a de facto thing that every candidate has to do.’

Blogs are quickly becoming part of the fabric of our society. Not too long before as many people know what email and websites are will know what blogs are.

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