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Got to go for fellow blogger in NBA finals

Tough call for me on who to cheer for in the NBA finals.

Normally I’d go for the Miami Heat. I’ve been a follower of their coach, Pat Riley, whose book The Winner Within is excellent, for a long time. If you’re not motivated by that guy, you must be dead inside. Plus they have Alonzo Mourning, retired and come back twice playing with one kidney, Shaq, who blew off the self centered Koby Bryant to play for Riley and now playing as if 10 years younger, and guys like Gary Payton who given it there all for years without winning a championship.

But us fellow bloggers got to stick together. Mark Cuban, publisher of the blog maverick, and never one to be shy in effecting positive social, business and Internet change, has got his Dallas Mav’s in the NBA finals (bought the team at about age 40 after selling to Yahoo) for the first time in their history. Mark’s active to the hilt in running the team and he blogs about it on a regular basis. I have never seen another owner sitting behind the bench and high fiving players at timeouts.

And though it may sound nuts, when writing my blog and marketing LexBlog, I often ask ‘What would Mark Cuban do?’ It’s scary when Mark Cuban and Mike Ditka are your fictitious marketing and PR directors.

Mark may have been nearly speechless last night, but as TNT’s Ernie Johnson said, when interviewing Mark after last night’s game, ‘I can feel a heck of a blog post coming.’

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