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UK law and legal blogs

Infolaw, a UK legal resource, has added a list of UK legal and law blogs to its blogs section.

Though Nick Holmes, Managing Director of Information for Lawyers Ltd and webmaster and principal consultant for InfoLaw, reports there’s still no surge of interest in blogging in the UK, he’s put together a pretty nice list.

UK law and legal blogs

In addition, Nick’s added a Feeds section, cataloguing all UK law and related feeds anddisplaying the latest 10 headlines. He says many law feeds have come online recently, not just from blogs, butfrom news sites, governmentand many other sources.

I wholeheartedly agree with Nick when he says “Expect an explosion when people start upgrading to IE7 (now in beta) as there is integrated feed support (as there has been on Firefox since day 1).”

If you’re looking to stay up to speed on UK online legal resources and blogs, you could do a lot worse than subscribing to Nick’s Binary Law Blog.

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