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Washington Post launches legal blog

The Washington Post has launched a legal blog.

The blog by the name of Bench Conference will be authored by Andrew Cohen, a self-described ‘recovering attorney.’

I’ll cover the law as an analyst and commentator for CBS News and so I spend my days hearing about, and then trying to decipher, the latest legal developments and issues, from Michael Jackson to eminent domain, from Zacarias Moussaoui to the ladies and gentlemen of Enron. Now, courtesy of this new blog, I am going to help steer you through those shoals five-days-a-week. When there is breaking legal news you’ll be able to come here and get instant analysis.

And per Hal Straus, an Opinions Editor with the Post, Cohen expects to post to Bench Conference three or four times each weekday, respond to comments and keep users in the loop on everything from celebrity trials to the Supreme Court.

Welcome Andrew.

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