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The long trail of Web 2.0 businesses

Seth Godin points out today that each The Rolling Stones, The Eagles, Elton John, U2, and Paul McCartney made more than $50 million last year. Seth calls it The Long Trail (not a misspelling)

We’re so busy celebrating the hit of the moment that we forget that the real profit often comes from the long trail.

It’s easy to persuade yourself to shortchange the design of a product, or your investment in its engineering, or to manipulate the launch to maximize the short-term box office appeal of opening weekend. But the long trail proves you wrong.

The web compounds long trail thinking. A website might spike with short term traffic hits, but a great website builds on its traffic, rises in its search rankings and continues to bring in traffic, year after year……The long trail is a reminder to invest like your product might just be around in ten years.

Good rule to remember for LexBlog and other new start ups. Success is not in short splashes, but in long term value and revenues. I am under no delusion that LexBlog will be bringing in $50 million in ten years. But focus today on customer service and value to growing client base and market is where it’s at for the long term.

A farmer cannot cram the harvest. ;)

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