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Ernie Svenson : Alive and well in New Orleans

Reading Ernie’s post on Jazzfest on 2006 reminded me to post about his leaving a larger law firm and opening his own law firm. In the spirit of New Orleans, Ernie opened his new firm the day after Mardi Gras.

Ernie handles business disputes in both federal and state court with the focus on copyright, trademark, franchise, products liability, unfair trade practice, and securities law matters. The guy is no light weight having clerked for a Federal Court Judge for a couple years when he got out of law school.

Ernie is a true law blog success story, at least in my mind. Got to believe he has met as many people, lawyers and lay people alike, as any lawyer publishing a blog. His blog, Ernie the Attorney published since 2003, is an expression of himself, the city of New Orleans (especially as it fights back), and the people he meets online and offline.

Ernie’s not doing the blog to market per se but talking with him I’ve found out he’s picked up a client or two. And I expect that to continue. Heck, the guy is speaking all over the country on law and technology issues. He’s a regular subject, or at least a source, in law and the net articles in newspapers and magazines. That’s the type of PR law firm marketing professionals would kill for. And my guess is but for the blog, he’d still be at his old law firm.

In the spirit of New Orleans, here’s a take from yesterday’s post on Jazzfest.

So here’s to all the people who came to our city to help out and enjoy the fun, and here’s to the people that live here all year round even when it’s not fun. Here’s to Dave [Matthews], …to the Subdudes for sure, and even to the kid that pissed on the tarp. He came to New Orleans to help out too. And we’ll welcome anyone who comes to our city with that spirit.

Headed to New Orleans. Look Ernie up. I am sure he will show you a good time.