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NPR enters world of blogging

NPR has begun blogging with its Mixed Signals blog. The purpose of the blog is to provide an insiders view of NPR.

‘Mixed Signals’ has created a wonderful opportunity for NPR listeners, who are always clamoring to know more about what goes on behind the scenes, to get a real sense from some very good writers about the ebb and flow of ideas at the network.

Most importantly, it is another opportunity for listeners to comment on and to challenge NPR’s programming decisions. This is particularly important because even though the number of visitors to remains relatively small compared with cyber-behemoths like Google and Yahoo, it is growing steadily. More than 5 million visitors a month come to the site and ‘Mixed Signals’ will likely be an important vehicle to lure even more there.

Opening up to your target audience? How novel. Now let’s see more law firms and professional services firms do so. They’ll be the winner for it.

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