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Blog search engine optimization : Title tags are key

Blog search engine optimization via title tags is the subject of a post by Aaron Brazell, a guest blogger at Pro Blogger.

Each page on the Internet has a title. The title is set forth in the title tag. That title tag is how Google indexes web content, whether on a website or a blog. Title a page ‘Florida Divorce Lawyers’ and you have asked Google to index the page under that phrase. Title the same page ‘Smith and Jones, Attorneys at Law’ and Google indexes the page by that name and it will be retrieved when someone searches Smith and Jones etc.

The title is not what you see on the website or blog. The title is set forth in the title tags which can be seen at top of the screen in some browser windows and by display of the source code for the blog or website page.

There’s a bit more involved with content on the page and site architecture. But you see how critical smart use of title tags is.

How do you change your title tags? Aaron’s post tells you how to do it on WordPress, Movable Type, and Blogger.

Unless you have a professional handling your blog set up, read his post and learn all you can about search engine optimization. Don’t make the mistake that lawyers have for years in getting a Web site from the major legal publishers and other website developers who either know nothing about search engine optimization or don’t care whether anyone can find the lawyer’s website.

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