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ABA TechShow : Speakers for ’07 are knocking but there’s no answer

March 15, 2006

ABA TechShow, coming up next month, has some excellent speakers and programs for this year. I’ve been trying to get into speak for a couple years without much luck.

TechShow has added to their site info on how they select speakers and an email address to email to request to be considered for 2007. Problem is that there is no such email at their end or it’s not working. Here’s what I got in response to a request to speak in ’07.

The following addresses had permanent fatal errors

(reason: 550 5.1.1 User unknown)

I know some of the committee members for TechShow and they are great folks. They bust their fannies to put on what’s received as one of the better legal conferences each year. So please understand I am only having fun and know that you’ll get it corrected.

Edit: Already heard from Fred Faulkner, the ABA Webmaster extraordinaire, that this email ought to do the job:

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