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Best newspaper blogs : Bloggers should interact with them

Professor Jay Rosen and journalism students at NYU did a study looking for the best newspaper blogs. The winner, “the Houston Chronicle. By a mile.”

The results (links to their blog pages):

  1. Houston Chronicle – 22 blogs
  2. Washington Post – 23 blogs
  3. USA Today – 10 blogs
  4. St. Petersburg Times – 19 blogs
  5. Atlanta Journal-Constitution – 10 blogs
  6. San Antonio Express-News
  7. – 30 blogs

Honorable mentions:

  1. New Orleans Times-Picayune – 16 blogs
  2. The Oklahoman – 6 blogs

Local newspaper blogs are a golden opportunity to market your own blog presence. Subscribe to them. Listen to their posts. Respond to one of their posts.

If it’s on something you do not blog about, you’ll need to respond in the form of a comment on one of the newspaper’s blogs. That’s okay. You’ll be able to leave your email and the url for your blog. If the newspaper blog post is relevant to your blog, respond via a post on your blog. The newspaper blog publisher will see your post via trackback or listening to the Internet discussion via feeds from PubSub, Technorati or another aggregator.

By interacting with newspaper journalists, they’ll get to know you and what you do. Bloggers tend to enjoy interacting with each other. You may just be used as a source for commentary for a newspaper story.

Better yet, maybe you can get the newspaper to allow you do a blog for them. May take little, if any, time if you’re using posts you would be publishing to your own blog. It’s not a farfetched idea. Take a look at all the blogs the above newspapers have.

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