By Kevin O'Keefe

Law school blogs : Weekly Law School Roundup

Highlights from law school blogs are coming to you right from here in the Northwest via the revived Weekly Law School Roundup.

Best I can tell Evan Schaeffer at his Legal Underground blog published this weekly highlight on law school blogs from February, 2004 through May, 2005.

A third year law student at a ‘Northwest law school’ blogging as ‘Energy Spatula’ at Will Work for Favorable Dicta revived the law school blog summary this January.

Looks from today’s Weekly Law School Roundup at Will Work for Favorable Dicta, the Law School Roundup will be rotating between Evan’s blog and Favorable Dicta.

These weekly law school blog highlights are good stuff. They are also evidence of the coming growth of law blogs from American lawyers.

Evan and Energy Spatula, I have an offer for you. Why not not archive these weekly law school highlights in one place, in addition to your blogs? You have a ton of good stuff in the Weekly Law School Roundups. But I’ll tell you from the last half hour that each week is hard as heck to find.

An announcement with a short blurb each week at a central location akin to Blawg Review could even work well. LexBlog would be honored to help you anyway we could by designing, hosting and marketing such at a blog showcasing our law school’s students and professors. Could do it any way or under any terms that would work for you guys. You and the other the other blog publishers would receive all the credit.

Kevin O'Keefe
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