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Search engine optimization summary

Yaro Starak at Small Business Branding as an excellent post on search engine optimization techniques to achieve results over the long haul.

You need to read the whole piece but here’s what Yaro covers.

  • The long wait for high rankings
  • Use of niche phrases
  • Targeting traffic
  • Selecting keywords
  • On page techniques such as title tags, and internal links
  • Off page techniques such as links, anchor text and PageRank

Yaro’s also got a piece coming up on blogs. The teaser:

Blogs are built for search engines, are one of the best communication tools available to ‘talk’ naturally to your potential customers and build relationships like no ‘normal’ website ever could. I love blogging and I expect once you read the next part of the series you will be very excited about it too.

Yaro’s Small Business Branding – Marketing Strategies and Ideas for Savvy Solopreneurs is a good one to add to your RSS feeds.

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