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Blawg Review : Excellent resource for two groups

Blawg Review, well written weekly highlights from law blogs, is an excellent resource for a couple groups of lawyers.

One group is the lawyers new to blogs and looking to find some of the better law blogs. You can learn a lot from lawyers who’ve been out there blogging for awhile. Can also help you identify the niche you want to publish on.

The second group is the lawyers who do not use RSS to follow the law blogosphere. One lawyer complained “I don’t read editorials in newspapers so why should I waste my time reading people’s opinions online?”

Diane Levin, a mediator, trainer, and attorney, and founder of Partnering Solutions, LLC, wrote at Online Guide to Mediation that Blawg Review is a must read for these attorneys.

Although it may be unfair of me to say this (seeing as how I’m someone who actually does read newspaper editorials), people who don’t read blogs don’t know what they’re missing. Law blogs are an invaluable source of the latest news, ideas, and analysis–not to mention inspiration–something no professional can afford to miss out on.

But I’m a realist. I know that reading blogs takes time out of a busy day. For professionals whose lives are bound by calendar and clock, every minute must count.

So, what busy attorneys and mediators should be reading is Blawg Review, the weekly review of law blogging.

Plus, each Blawg Review is written by a new lawyer. Not sure where those lawyers get the time, but the weekly Blawg Review is not only well written but also entertaining.

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