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Blawgs and Blawg Conference : LexBlog?

February 9, 2006

LexBlog’s been outed by Kevin Heller with his catching me on the use, or better put the non use, of the terms Blawgs and Blawg.

I posted about the upcoming Blog Law & Blogging for Lawyers Conference referencing my presentation as covering marketing with blogs. It was a conscious choice not to use the term ‘blawg’ as was used by the promoters in the conference flier. As I explained to Kevin, you silly lawyers (just ribbing you guys) are using the term ‘blawg’ so much that the terms ‘blawgs’ and ‘blawg’ are likely to be around for awhile.

Best of all, Kevin said I may be considering a switch of the company name to LexBlawg. He cost us $20 in getting and to prevent one of you guys from getting those domains and having fun with us.

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