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American Lawyer Media – ALM LegalTech make note of DEMO coverage

February 7, 2006

America Lawyer Media – ALM should watch the coverage coming out of the DEMO conference this week. DEMO is the premier event for revealing the products and services poised to have the greatest impact on the technology landscape.

Not only are there going to be regular posts on the DEMO website, but guys like Shel Israel are going to be blogging the conference on blogs like Conferenza. Regular posts on blogs being published from DEMO are going to create a buzz across the net all week long.

I attended LegalTech last week expecting to share my experiences via my blog. Unfortunately, there was no WiFi coverage in the conference rooms for folks like me. In addition, American Lawyer Media has a number of bloggers. It was not until after LegalTech was over that I saw blog coverage from them on the event, it’s exhibitors and presenters.

If LegalTech is going to label itself as a leading technology conference, it needs to start watching non-legal technology conferences. Watching the law industry is like looking into the past.

Monica Bay of American Lawyer Media has suggested WiFi coverage to the powers that be for next year. Hopefully they’ll listen. ALM also has a fleet of reporters, in addition to its bloggers. Let’s get them blogging the event next year.

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