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Go Seahawks : Hopefully we’ll have power by game time

Living in Seattle, tomorrow is one big day. I am sitting in a coffee shop around the corner from the blue and green lit Qwest Field, the home of the Seahawks, on a street with player’s flags hanging from the streetlights. I am here for the WiFi and electricity. Back on my island, Bainbridge Island, we have no power.

Seattle is getting hit with its worse storm since ’99. Saturated ground, trees and 60 mph wind gusts are taking care of our power lines. The lucky few have gas powered generators. The rest of us have had no electricity for 16 hours. And there’s no assurance we’ll have power by game time tomorrow.

Our family is going to hold out until the morning until we start looking for a hotel room to watch the game. My fear is that it will be us and 100,000 other households looking for a room.

WiFi withdrawals were hard enough this morning. I don’t think I am ready for a Super Bowl on a transistor radio.

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